A message from the pastor: 8/15




There is work to be done for those who know not the truth, just such work as was done for you when you were in darkness. It is too late to sleep, too late to become indolent do-nothings. To everyone in the Householder has given a work. Let us go forward, and not backwards. We want a new conversion daily. We want the love of Jesus throbbing in or hearts, that we may be instrumental in saving many souls. The Lord Jesus requires that every soul who claims to be a son or daughter of God, should not only depart from all iniquity, but be abundant in acts of charity, self denial, and humility. The Lord has presented the working of a certain law of mind and action, that should warn us in regard to our work. He says:"Whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken ever that which he seemeth to have." Those who do not improve upon their opportunities, who do not exercise the grace that God gives them, have less inclination to do so, and finally in a sleepy lethargy, lose that which they once possessed. They make no provision for the future time of need in gaining a large experience, in obtaining an increased knowledge of divine things, so that when trial and temptation come upon them, they may be able to stand. When persecution or temptation comes these class lose their courage and faith, and their foundation is swept away, because they did not see the need of making their foundation sure. They did not rivet their souls to the eternal Rock. - CS 91 Now more than ever, it’s time to determine to be faithful first!

Here's what you need to know for this week:

Sabbath School and Worship: will be conducted via Zoom. Sabbath School is from 10:00 to 10:50 and Divine Worship begins at 10:50 to 12:30. I look forward to seeing you. The meeting ID# 835 7184 1275: or telephone# 1.301.715.8592. All connection information and  schedules can be found on the home page. Enjoy!


The Pastor and Elders Will Be At The Church: We will be at the church until 1:15pm for you to receive you New Sabbath School quarterlies, return your tithe and offering or get tithe envelopes or to accommodate other needed functions of the members and friends of the church.


NOW MORE THAN EVER IT'S TIME TO PRAY! Fasting and prayer every Wednesday from sunrise to noon and Prayer Meeting every Wednesday on ZOOM from 7:00-8:00p


Thank you for your faithfulness in Your Tithe and Offerings: Can be dropped off at the church during the time the pastor and elders are at the church, until approximately 1:15p. If you need tithe and offering envelopes, please let us know and we will bring them to you or send them to you in the mail. There are other ways to return your tithe and offerings.

(1) Online Giving

(2) Mailing it to P.O. Box 961779, Riverdale, GA 30296


(3) We will come pick it up from you, just call or text us. 

Thank you for your faithfulness. Stay strong in the Lord. Trust Him. His promises are real. I share this one with you this week. Matthew 6:33 "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness: and all these thing shall be added unto  you"


Thank You For Your Prayers, calls and text to check on everyone and stay in touch. We're family! We love each and everyone of you, We are praying for you , and we are here for you. We want to hear for every member to know that you are alright and be sure you are not alone in this time of crisis.


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